Action Plan

The action plan for The Together Initiative for Ohio’s community cats is to:

  • Advocate for the reduction of Ohio’s community cat populations via the use of TNR.
  • Act as a resource for all of Ohio’s community cat stakeholders–including animal shelters, humane societies, rescue groups, colony caretakers, spay-neuter clinics, veterinarians, municipalities, elected officials, animal control agencies, and county dog wardens–in order to promote productive partnerships centered around TNR.
  • Maintain a website that will act as a clearinghouse of information, training materials, sources of funding, and support.
  • Establish and manage a community cat stakeholder referral network for the purpose of matching potential collaborative partners based upon organizational as well as community needs and resources.
  • Promote accessibility to affordable spay-neuter services for all Ohio communities.
  • Conduct public education and community outreach relating to community cats and TNR in order to encourage understanding, acceptance, and use of the practice of TNR, in addition to promoting stakeholder collaboration.